Frimley Health NFT publishes Nursing & Midwifery Strategy 2022 – 2025

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust have published their Nursing & Midwifery Strategy, outlining how they deliver their current patient experience and care and describing how they plan to strengthen services going forwards.

The strategy begins by laying out the trust’s vision: “to provide our patients and communities with evidence-based, outstanding care by highly skilled, well-supported, valued professionals across all care settings.”

It then moves on to their nursing and midwifery ambitions, to improve care outcomes and fundamentals; to develop a framework for professional practice; to work on career development and pathways; to strengthen leadership; to celebrate success; and to improve health, wellbeing and inclusion.

The strategy also highlights the trust’s role in the Magnet4Europe (M4E) programme, a research and development study designed to investigate whether workforce wellbeing can be improved through the redesign of clinical work environments and the application of M4E principles.

“For nurses and clinicians, Magnet recognition means working in a culture of shared decision-making, education and development through every career stage and support for evidence-based practice, research and empowerment alongside utilisation of digital information and technology leading to greater autonomy at the bedside,” the strategy states. In practice, this means that the trust will develop champion roles among staff to support shared governance councils in implementing and delivering these outcomes.

The strategy goes on to detail ways in which they intend to improve their focus areas along with outcome and performance measures, such as developing a compassionate leadership programme by improving access to coaching resources and linking research with practice through the development of a multi-professional practice forum.

To read the strategy in full, please click here.