New funding available for international nurses

The Florence Nightingale Foundation has partnered with NHS England and Improvement to launch a new grant for International Nursing Associations in England.  

The grants will be awarded to support advanced pastoral care, professional development and the health and wellbeing of international nurses working within the NHS in England. 

Funding will range from £5,000 to £12,500, and is available to newly international nurses, and nurses who have already completed their training.  

Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England, said: “International nurses have played a leading role in the fight against Covid and we are delighted to continue welcoming thousands of new nurses into the NHS, where they will have the opportunity to make a real difference. 

 “The work of the international nursing associations is not only supporting the professional growth of our nurses, but also providing the pastoral, health and wellbeing support that is an absolute priority. 

 “The Small Grants Scheme enables the associations to enhance the excellent support they already offer and helps strengthen our international networks and workforce.” 

Sheila Lloyd, Director of Nursing, Florence Nightingale Academy said: “I am delighted and very proud to have received such high-quality applications for the FNF small grants programme from nurses representing our profession across the globe. 

 “The commitment, compassion, and determination from organisations to support and enhance the experience of international nurses, is truly humbling. This level of care is always important and even more so during a global pandemic. The grants will go a long way in ensuring our international nurses working in the NHS in England feel valued and supported.”