A message from Professor Charles Knight on Nightingale London

This week, as we look towards the roadmap for beginning to exit lockdown, a message has been published by Professor Charles Knight paying tribute to staff and Londoners alike.

It is expected that this Thursday, the government will announce the lockdown exit strategy which will start to take the UK out of almost 8 weeks of restrictions.

Professor Knight’s message is as follows:

“The NHS Nightingale Hospital London has provided a safety net to London hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is a testament to my colleagues across the London healthcare system and Londoners themselves that the number of admissions has remained low.

“I want to thank Londoners for heeding government advice to stay home, protecting our NHS.

“It is likely that in the coming days or weeks patients will no longer need to be admitted to the Nightingale.

“As a result, after the last patient leaves, the hospital will be place on standby, ready to resume operations as needed, in line with others around the country.

“The establishment of NHS Nightingale Hospital London in two weeks remains a landmark achievement by the NHS and our partners and we can be very proud of the excellent treatment provided by its staff.

“A huge number of volunteers and staff have now been trained to work in pandemic conditions and I am immensely proud of all staff who will carry the legacy of the Nightingale with them.

“It has been an incredibly humbling experience to see so many people from multiple disciplines across the NHS come together for such an important cause.”