VCare Systems launches VCare Vitals Tracking application in response to Covid-19

As a response to Covid-19, VCare Systems has launched its Vitals Tracking Dashboard to help those involved in healthcare to record the vitals of service users.

Health information obtained by the application can ‘flag high risk individuals in real-time.’

The application contains multi-tiered dashboards so to ‘enable regional managers, care homes, agency HQs and large care groups to see across a large area.’

Anonymised population health data can be communicated to ‘key stakeholders and decision makers.’

The application can provide ‘accurate data of Covid-19 cases in care settings’ in order to ‘facilitate early identification of symptoms’, and if required, ‘enable earlier intervention.’

Dashboards included with the application include a dashboard for health authorities which can display Covid-19 scores by borough, shows service users at various risk levels, allows for specific care homes to be viewed with number of patients and more.

A trend dashboard is available which presents the last 6 months of National Early Warning Scores; trends can be viewed at CCG of borough level.

An automatic report can be provided for managers and clinicians to show resident risk levels and vitals.

A separate dashboard is available for regional managers to ‘centrally monitor’ care homes and Covid-19 levels.

Data is displayed in chart and graph form, colour coordinated for easier analysis.

The application can be used on laptops or mobile devices.

For full information on the VCare Vitals Tracking application, see here:  VCare Vitals