Aseptika wins grant from Innovate UK to undertake a clinical trial with its child asthma solution

Aseptika has been awarded a grant from Innovate UK to undertake a randomised controlled trial of its asthma management solution for children who have moderate-to-severe asthma and are treated in specialist paediatric centres in NHS hospitals.

Asthma affects 1.1 million children in the UK. Most can successfully manage their asthma with support from their GPs, but 10% have such severe asthma that they require specialist care by paediatricians in dedicated out-patient clinics and can have frequent asthma attacks.

The Asthma+me solution has been co-designed with a leading NHS Children’s Hospital, to support the parents or carers of these children. This includes a combination of: education sessions, inhaler-use tracking devices, lung-function monitor, in-built symptom checkers, education syllabus to learn as a family, electronic care plan and the ability to push data to their clinicians to become part of their electronic patient records.

The solution was developed with support from the SBRI Healthcare pre-procurement programme to meet defined needs of the NHS. An initial feasibility trial with parents and patients showed a significant increase in their confidence to self-care and knowledge of how to manage asthma attacks.